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October 22, 2020 - Results: COVID-19 Testing of Campus Residents

October 22, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

Duquesne continues to keep as its top priority the health and safety of our community, in order to maintain an engaging educational environment in which students can continue to make academic progress.

Earlier this week, the University completed required COVID-19 testing of all students living in campus residences. In keeping with Duquesne’s protocols, the testing was ordered as a second step following our random screening in early October. 

We tested students living on campus, a total of 2,719 people, in this recent round of mandatory testing. The samples were analyzed by Quest Diagnostic Laboratories and the results received to date have identified 2,616 COVID-negative and 34 COVID-positive resident students. Of those positives, 22 were new cases; 12 were cases where people had contracted the virus previously and were no longer actively infectious. 

Because the most recent tests concluded less than 48 hours ago, we are awaiting the final few test results. 

However, the positive rate of new cases in the student population from the tests we have received is less than 1 percent, a figure that compares favorably with the rate in both Allegheny County and Pennsylvania. We are extremely pleased with these test results. 

Students who were identified as positive were immediately notified and transitioned to isolation either at home or on campus through Health Services COVID protocols. Contact tracing identified all close contacts, and those individuals were then directed to quarantine. 

The University is confident that these encouraging results are due to our students being diligent in following COVID-19 protocols for the protection of all. Duquesne thanks all who have been and continue to exercise vigilance. 

Social distancing and mask-wearing is working, as are the Residential Pods and other measures being undertaken in student residential housing and the distancing measures in HyFlex classes. Each round of testing that we conduct affirms that our measures are protecting one another, and continuing to follow these measures will ensure the safe completion of the semester on campus. 

We ask that all students, faculty, and staff renew their resolve to stay healthy and resilient and to continue to model excellent care for one another.

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